Sunday, May 9, 2010

So close....

Today was a good day. I bought a dress and three shirts! I may not bring any of them to Asia...but I can still wear them after Asia!

The stress of packing is making me break out! Everyone keeps saying what you bring, your going to have to carry....and I am one of those women who OVER packs (even for a weekend home). I have changed the luggage I'm bringing would be nice to be a guy right now and not care so much what I look like.........ppfft.

I HAVE to be prepared! I know I can buy things when I'm over there....but if I can have them before I go over there it's even better!

Sad note - I was going to get the Droid for the purpose of using it in Asia...but it cost a lot of $$$$ to even use Skype over there....I was looking forward to it for about two weeks (maybe just one) then we go to the Verizon store and BAM my dream was crushed. It really will suck not having the luxury of having a cell phone to use at any moment I choose...
Sad note 2 - we (rentals and I) dropped my sister and my niece off at the airport today for their trip to California...I only had like 4 days with i'll be gone for a month and my niece (1 years old) will forget who I am AGAIN

Asia is soooo close and I'm am getting more nervous and scared then excited. I'm 20 years old and I am scared to be out of the country without my parents! lol
I guess I was like this before college too but I got over that.

So I leave on Wednesday and get there Thursday at 1 a.m. (when I went to passport health to get my shots I found out that if you are on a plane as long as I will be, you can actually get blood clots from sitting too long....)

Ok I've run out of things to talk/complain about.
Until next time

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