Sunday, May 23, 2010

Siem Reap

So we are in Siem Reap and so far so great!
The time changed again but now it is only an 11 hour difference from back home.

The flight was only an hour from Kuala Lumpur and as soon as we got off and got our luggage we were picked up by our Tuk Tuk drivers! They are guys that work for our hotel that drive us around on motorcycles that have a cart type carrier connected to it that we sit in! It fits two a person so of course my Tuk Tuk buddy is KJ! Our drivers name is Sók (OK with an S in the front is how you pronounce it) he is soo nice! and he takes us where ever we want to go!

But yesterday was baaad we stayed the night in the airport. Got there around 11 p.m. and our flight was at 7 a.m. I did not sleep at all except for maybe a few minutes on the plane. And as soon as we landed we dropped our bags off and went to the temples. Its just non stop visiting places.

So far the place we are staying at is my favorite, The Villa! It is three girls to each room and three guys to each room then Dr. Kennan has his own room. (FYI only 10 people total are in our group) We get breakfast "free" and everything here is so cheap! Drinks - water is a dollar (all American money), soda is a dollar, beer is like 3.00 and so are other alcoholic drinks! And that is every where we go not just at our hotel! We stopped by this place to get drinks and KJ got change back which was .50 cents but instead of giving her American coins they gave her 4 500 dollar bills in Riel.

So far we have gone to a lot of temples: Angkor Wat and
Angkor Thom which was really amazing!
One night we went to a concert for Kantha Bopha (a hospitla that is free for children and pregnant women that is in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh)
We woke up at 4:30 am to see the sunrise at the was incredible. Then we went and saw the temple where Lara Croft Tomb Raider was filmed! Next we are going to the landmine museum.
We also rode on elephants which was awesome! We sat in little baskets (Me and KJ) and went up a stuff!

We are not going to Bangkok anymore because of all the violence that is happening, like the red shirts burned a mall to the ground a few days ago according to the paper. So we extended our time here for two more days, so we are leaving Thursday, which is great because it gives us a few days to relax. Then we are going to Phnom Penh and after that Ho Chi Minh City and still going home June 8th.

Tonight we are getting $10 massages for 90 minutes.....(yea American dollars) I am telling you this place is fantastic! (and at our hotel they come to your room and give you a 60 minute massage for $16)

Except for the fact that every time we drive around in our Tuk Tuk's we see like kids on motorcycles, their will be some adult drive it and then the little child will be standing in the front, it's scary! OR there will be four people on ONE motorcycle and someone will be holding an baby in the back....i don't like it at all.
Also every time we go out (period) the people try to sell us ANYTHING: bracelets, books, necklaces, scarves, purses etc. Its good but its annoying. "hey lady you want book?" ""hey lady you buy from me? You want a bracelet 10 for $1....$1.....$1"
And it is not just adults, it is little kids selling things to you, kids that do not go to's sad.

But to let everyone know (mom) i bought a gift for my Mom today! I thought I would have gotten more things by now but we are going to the night market tonight so hopefully I will.

At our hotel we just sent in our laundry so i am awaiting for my clean clothes to come back folded nicely in a bag =]

I think that is all for now. I always forget something and add it back in later so re-read some of my blogs cause i add new stuff in when i remember a few days later.
Ok getting ready for my $10 massage.....byyyyyyye!!

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