Friday, May 14, 2010


Its Saturday morning here (7:15 a.m.)-- still Friday night back home.

Everyone here is so nice! Yesterday we went to this mall in Singapore and when KJ and I were trying to buy food the food people could not understand us so the first girl spoke to them and told them what we were saying about the dumplings, and the second girl told them that we wanted soy sauce. It was really nice we didn't even have to ask they just helped us.

It is funny, I am guessing the people here have never really seen Americans because they watch us as if we were their own television show. One lady even asked if she could get her picture taken with our group! Then while we were walking a bus of people all waved to us as they drove by.

While I am still sick, coughing just as much as ever....I almost DIED in a store coughing to death! Then I didn't convert enough money at that time to buy cough medicine and eye solution for my contacts so I used my credit card =]

But then later when I wanted to buy an international phone my card wouldn't work!!!!!!!!!!
I realized that you need to buy a new sim card in every country you go to for the phone to work....

I even called my bank two weeks before we left and told them the places and the dates where we are traveling. I was mad. It is really hard to find a pay phone here and to get internet access. So I e-mailed my parents and asked them if they could call Bank of America and see what's going on...but I'll have no way of knowing if they got my e-mail or not or what happened since I probably won't check again until Monday.

But I did finally get to talk to Eric last night =] and my dad! I just really want a phone so I can call them whenever! So hopefully told when we go to see Dr. Kennan's friend I can buy a phone where he bought his.

We also went to the National University of Singapore and the cab driver that we took drove like a mad man! He went to fast and got so close to the other cars, sometimes I could not watch! The traffic here is so fast and busy all the time even when the signs says its safe to cross the street I still have my doubts lol. But overall this place is really safe, considering there laws are so strict.

We went to Chinatown also which is not like the Chinatown in Baltimore or New York.
One day we went to a really nice coffee shop in the mall and meet one of Dr. Kennan's contacts

We are leaving Singapore tomorrow and going to Kulua Lumpur, Malaysia and we are staying at the University of Malay in their dorms. I am excited to see how other colleges live!

Singapore has been a really good transition place for all of us to become more comfortable with being in different countries so unlike ours.

Ok well I guess I am going to go back to bed for a little while, I only got up to e-mail my parents so if you are reading this CALL MY PARENTS and tell them to check their e-mail! PLEASE!

P.S. thank you to my cousin who got on fb and read the message I sent her! buut then she got

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