Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So if you read the title of my blog I'm guessing you know that we decided to go to Bangkok again!
Dr. Kennan said his contacts here said it was safe for us to come so here we are 3/4 days later!

The rest of the activities that we did in Siem Reap was Tonle Sap, the floating village in Cambodia. We didn't get to actually go onto the villages like they did the last time but it was still cool to see. We took a 2 hour boat ride to it!!
We also built a compost toilet for a family which was our service project...we laid the bricks down to make the base, the guys dug the hole for the waste to land, and we also built the walls of the bathroom out of grass leaves..I am not really sure how to describe it.
And how we got there was by an Ox cart...the experiences I have here have been amazing, out of the ordinary, and I am so glad I came!
We also went to Siem Reap's night was pretty big and I got a lot...I got a gift for Hillary, my Mom, Sister, Dad, me....and a few other people! And I spent probably $22!!

Then we left Siem Reap on Thursday and took a horrible bus ride to Phnom Phen which was 5 hours with the bus driver honking his horn every 2 minutes!

We stayed at the Billabong which had a pool that we used both days we were there.
While we were there we went to The Kings Palace, S21, and the Killing Fields. It was soooo sad!
In S21 we got to go into the actually buildings that they kept their prisoners and there were A LOT of pictures. There were also a lot of skulls they had in cases that had bullet holes on the top of their heads.....

Then we took a 7 hour bus ride to Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon (Vietnam) and stayed at Madam Cuc's for a night. They split us up into 4 groups and we all stayed in different buildings which was strange.
Then we took a 2 hour plane to Bangkok and a cab ride to our hotel Suk 11, which is amazing! It is like a big tree house!
So far we have not done too much...except go to the MBK center (a giant mall) and go to the Tiger Temple yesterday!!!!!!!!
YEAH I got to hang out with tigers for a day!
We got our pictures taken with these HUGE tigers...and one of them hit me with their tail because I was too light touching them so it thought I was a bug or really hurt!
We also got to take pictures with little baby tigers about 4 months old =]
and then we stood in a cage to watch the tigers of their chains playing in the water! It was crazy! I got a lot of good pictures but then my camera died...and I didn't get any of them playing in the water....but everyone else did so I'll steal theirs lol

We leave next Tuesday so less then a week left.
Today we are going t0 a Public Relations firm and we might go to Muay Thai which is a boxing arena that is really popular here!
This weekend we are going to the Chatuchak Market which is the biggest market in Bangkok...for all of those who know how excited I am right now!
Ok well I am going to go eat before the PR firm so stay tuned!

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